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PLANETFALL is GO! Please help make it an indie hit!

Well today's the day, folks. PLANETFALL DVD is officially available. Surf to your favorite online DVD retailer (there are a lot of them carrying the disc -- prices very widely so shop
around) or request your local DVD retail and/or rental store to stock the title.

Blockbuster and Hollywood video stores still have not picked up the disc (despite having oodles of lesser quality fare already on their shelves). Making specific requests directly to the managers at your local stores can make a big difference. If even one of these chains picks up the title, it can mean an instant sale of 3000 to 5000 discs! Every little bit helps.

If you haven't already, please encourage friends and family to post a rating and/or user
review of the film on Netflix (add it to your queue!), (or other online retailer)
and Please help spread the love.

If you haven't yet read it -- this is our latest (and in my opinion our most glowing and
accurate) review yet.

Lastly, if you feel the inspiration - please send some Kudos to the boys over at and Ryko Discs who have been busting their butts to get this into as
many retail outlets as possible. We could not have done any of this without their
commitment to the project!

Thanks for all of your hard work and support!

Troy LaFaye
Carschool Film-O-Rama, Inc.

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